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We are experienced leaders in the property management industry.


We are property managers, its all we do! Its not a side job, its our only job.


We offer online access to your home, payments for your tenant, maintenance, and much more.


We handle full tenant credit and criminal background checks.


We review your property inside and out to make sure all is well for you and your tenants.

Palmetto Property Man Greenville serves home owners, investors, banks, real estate agents, people moving who are not ready to sell, people waiting for the market to increase, investment brokers, busy people, people just like you who want their properties taken care of in a hands off approach. Property Management is a full time job; never miss another dinner, engagement, meeting, or full nights sleep. We keep close watch, so you don’t have to.

  • Maintenance Coordination
    WHEN MAINTENANCE ISSUES ARISE, WE HAVE IT COVERED We work with a network of vendors to make sure anything from a toilet flopper to a new addition can be handled quickly and correctly. We have a 24/7/365 call center to address all maintenance issues day or night, and dispatch emergency maintenance after hours. We respond quickly to issues, keeping tenants happy, and keeping on top of issues with the property.
  • Tenant Screening
    WE ARE PROUD OF OUR TENANT PLACEMENT Being investors ourselves, we know how important it is to have a good quality tenant living in your home. We perform credit checks, criminal background checks, employment verification, income verification, references, and check with prior landlords.
  • Periodic Property Reviews
    WE DON'T JUST DRIVE BY THE HOUSE At Palmetto Property Man-Greenville we take the condition of your home very seriously. That’s why our property previews include interior and exterior walk-throughs. We ensure: The home is being taken care of The lease is being adhered to There is no unreported maintenance that needs attention
  • Financial Reporting
    COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING ON YOUR PROPER (Monthly and Annually) We provide detailed financial statements for your property monthly, as well as annually for your taxes. You also have 24/7 access to statements online. Our accounting is handled in house by a property management accounting expert and you can always call in with any questions/concerns.
  • Marketing and Advertising
    WE'RE EXPERTS AT MARKETING YOUR RENTAL PROPERTY (We Rent It Fast) Renting your property quickly is incredibly important. A vacant home is generally the largest expense to landlords and investors. Your top priority is keeping your property occupied, and the rental income coming in. How long does it take? On average, it takes homes 45-60 days to rent, and if its not priced right (or not rent ready) it can take upwards of 90 days. Rise Property Management Greenville, SC is the leader in marketing, showing, and renting properties quickly. On average, our properties rent within 30 days or less. Pricing Your Property Right The first thing to realize is that the rental market is not concerned with what your monthly mortgage is. Unfortunately rental price can not be set on this number. If you are holding out to get $1500 for your rental, but the market is set at $1200 for your property, you are simply delaying the inevitable. In general, rental prices do not change much within 90 day periods, so waiting for the market to turn to rent your home at a higher than market rate most likely will not work. Sometimes its hard to realize, but it all comes down to the math. Lets assume market rent for your property is $1200 but you really want to hold out for $1500. After 2 months of sitting vacant you lower the price and rent it out at $1300 for a year lease. Including the two months it sat vacant: 12 x 1300 = $15,600 Divided by 14 months= $1114 a month Now, if you set your home at market rate of $1200 and it rented right away, you would end up making $1204 more over the 14 month period. 14 x 1200 = $16,800 – (14 x 1114 = $15,596) Total = $1204 So in holding out for “more money” you did yourself a disservice and lost $1204 of income. Rise Property Management Greenville has the right tools, expertise, and knowledge to set your market rate. Of course the decision is always yours, but understand our recommendation comes from extensive research. Rent Ready Condition There are a lot of rental properties out there. Your home needs to stand out as an exceptional rent ready property and Rise Property Management Greenville can help you with recommendations, suggestions, tips, as well as cleaning, repairs, and anything else to get you going. Or, if your budget prevents the home being in a 100% “rent ready” condition you will most likely need to make adjustments to the monthly rent to compensate. Generally a little up front investment goes a long way in your rental.
  • Online Access
    ONLINE ACCESS FOR OWNERS & TENANTS THE ONLINE PORTALS Access to everything you need. OWNERS Update or change your contact info View and approve work orders Access statements Send messages to our property managers TENANTS Pay rent online Report Maintenance issues Send a message
  • Evictions
    EVICTION SERVICES No one likes evictions, it’s always better when tenants pay rent on time each month, and everyone can work together in harmony. Unfortunately that is not always the case, and sometimes you do have to evict tenants. When you need eviction services in Greenville SC, look no further than Palmetto Property Man-Greenville. Palmetto Property Man-Greenville sets very clear expectations with the tenants in the properties we manage, and if Eviction is the only recourse we file immediately and are well versed in landlord/tenant rules and regulations, as well as evictions. Placed a tenant yourself, they have stopped paying rent, and you don’t know what to do? Give us a call, we are more than happy to intervene on your behalf and take over the management of your property. We will work quickly to mediate, resolve, or evict based on the situation. We are here for you, give us a call.
  • Anderson, SC"
    Anderson is a beautiful city in South Carolina, dubbed “The friendliest city in South Carolina” and its not hard to see why. The town of Anderson is full of happy people and smiling faces all happy to make your acquaintance. Anderson has a rich history, and many remnants of times past including period buildings and resurfaced brick roads. Anderson is one of the smaller cities that make up the Greenville SC metro area, but with plenty to offer, and a short drive to many amazing places. Anderson SC is a great place to own investment properties, and an amazing place to live. We pride ourselves on our property management services in Anderson SC, and enjoy serving our local community there. With our office a short drive from Anderson, we are sure to be able to meet your needs for Property Management in Anderson. Palmetto Property Man has over 25 years combined experience in managing rental homes. So when you are looking for Property Management Anderson SC, look no further than Palmeto Property Man-Greenville. Give us a call today.
  • Travelers Rest, SC"
    Travelers Rest, SC has a rich history that dates back to early America. Travelers Rest is snuggled in at the feet of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a few hours drive from the beach; whether you enjoy hiking or surfing, it’s all close by. The small town a wide array of antique and specialty stores, a variety of restaurants, and many community activities. The town has three local parks, and five state parks nearby, as well as an historical museum, a zoo, and other attractions. Travelers Rest is a great place to raise a family, or even for a single business owner to make a home. If you own a rental property in Travelers Rest, you know they don’t stay on the market for long. This city attracts many new residents every year. Don’t get bogged down with landlord duties and the day to day tedium of managing your own rental property. When searching for property management Travelers Rest SC, let Palmetto Property Man-Greenville handle your rental property for you. We have 25 years combined experience in the industry, specializing in just property management. Our specialized managers are familiar with Greenville, SC and surrounding areas, we live here, we play here, and we know the area. You can rest assured your rental property is in good hands. Let us manage your property, so you don’t have to. Call us today.
  • Taylors, SC"
    Searching for property management Taylors SC? The small suburb of Taylors, SC is located in Greenville County, a short drive from the larger cities of Greenville and Greer. Flowing through the community is the scenic Enoree River. Taylors encompasses that southern small town living many are so fond of; a strong community of friendly neighbors, slow pace of life, and beautiful homes that dot through the neighborhoods. The town offers a variety of golf courses, The Pavilion Recreation Complex which houses an ice rink, bounce house, dog park, tennis courts, and multiple athletic fields, and several festivals throughout the year including the Greek Festival and the Summer Chautauqua Festival. If you’re a rental property owner in Taylors, SC, or investor looking for property management Taylors SC. Palmetto Property Man-Greenville can manage your rentals for you. With 25 years combined experience, our local property management experts are familiar with Greenville and surrounding areas; we know the rental market and the people here. We’ll handle everything for you from marketing your rental, screening prospective tenants, repairs and inspections, we’ll even collect the rent check. You don’t have to be your own landlord, let PPM Greenville do all the hard work. Call us today to get started.
  • Clemson, SC"
    WE MANAGE RENTAL PROPERTIES IN CLEMSON SC Enjoy your time, live your life, and let us handle the rest.
  • Greer, SC"
    Greer, SC offers life in a quaint small town with strong southern roots, but close enough to the big cities to have those amenities, too. It’s no wonder so many families have relocated here. With locally elected officials,customer oriented government services, and a quality of life that only the south can offer, Greer is a great place to raise a family. Greer boasts a fully staffed police department with quick response time, making it a safe community to raise your children in. Greer offers youth and adult sports programs and a variety of festivals and holiday gatherings throughout the year. For the outdoorsy types, there are 16 parks in the area that are beautiful year round, and their Parks and Recreation Department has been recognized as one of the leading agencies in the state of South Carolina. Greer has enjoyed a residential boom as many families move into the area, eager to raise their children in a small town with a low crime rate and a great school district. It’s easy to see why so many rise estate investors have made the move to add rental properties in Greer, SC to their portfolios, and when looking for property management Greer SC look no further than PPM Greenville. But don’t take it upon yourself to manage your rental properties, leave that to Palmetto Property Man-Greenville. We handle all of the management of your rental property from advertising and tenant screenings to the tedious day to day tasks like maintenance and tenant complaints. Local to Greenville, SC, our property managers live and play here, we know the area. We are property management experts with 25 years combined experience. You can rest assured we’ll take care of your rentals as if they were our own. Call us today to get started.
  • Greenville, SC"
    Greenville, SC is a beautiful city with wonderful weather for most of the year. Nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this stunning locale offers the best of both worlds with access to bike trails, the Zoo, and expansive parks in addition to a rapidly growing city. The revitalized downtown is quickly gaining notice as a hub of restaurants, museums, galleries, and theaters in addition to nearly limitless opportunities for young professionals. With so many people flocking to the area and seeking living arrangements, now is the optimal time to invest in your rental with quality property management services. WHY PALMETTO PROPERTY MAN-GREENVILLE? Here at Palmetto Property Man-Greenville, client satisfaction comes first. With over 25 years of combined experience managing rental properties in Greenville, SC we know all the ins and outs of the market in addition to having perfected property management services that impress without fail. We know this town, its charm and its people, we know the appeal and how making the renting experience exceptional for all parties. When our clients hand us the key, they also hand us their cares because we take care of everything else.
  • Simpsonville, SC"
    Looking for Property Management Simpsonville SC? Simpsonville was named as one of the 10 best towns for families in 2010 by Family Circle Magazine, and a year later in 2011 as one of the 25 most affordable cities by Money Magazine. Located in Greenville county, this quaint town boasts a strong community, good economy, and family friendly small town living. Simpsonville’s business district offers many shops and restaurants, the weather allows for fishing and golfing year-round, and there are many beautiful homes and apartments for rent. With so many families relocating to this southern town, investment properties are on the rise. If you own a rental property, are an investor, or moving and can’t or don’t want to seek your house and are looking for property management Simpsonville SC, let Palmetto Property Man. Management do the work for you. With over 25 years of combined experience in property managment, we are local to Greenville and know the area. We can manage your property for you and deal with all the tedious day to day tasks of managing a rental property while you relax with the peace of mind that your investment is in great hands. Call us today to get started.
  • Easley, SC"
    A homey town like Easley, where farmers markets and community movie nights are the norm, is just the sort of place where the average American couple wants to settle down and raise a family. However, that family needs a place to live, which is where you come in. Your rental property is just what this family needs to make their dreams come true. Prevent your rentals from causing you a hassle by enlisting the aide of the professional services of Palmetto Property Man-Greenville. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES IN BEAUTIFUL EASLEY Palmetto Property Man-Greenville loves Easley and not only because it is the official host city of the Big League World Series of Baseball. This city has the natural appeal of the south which is enhance by beautiful parks and a scrumptious farmers’ market. South Carolina’s best kept secret is a growing community with the appeal of a small town with all the luxuries of a big city. PALMETTO PROPERTY MAN-GREENVILLE MAKES FOR HAPPY TENANTS We make your rental property stand out with management services make tenant stay happy and settled longer. With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, we have the skills to ensure an excellent experience for all involved. We also know this area inside and out have the knowledge and vast network of connections to properly market rentals in the area. We take care of the hard work so our client don’t have to!
  • Five Forks, SC"
    Five Forks, SC is an affluent suburb of Greenville, and this growing suburb is the ideal spot for families and young professionals as it is listed as one of the “Top 100 cities with highest median household income and median resident age less than 35”. For this reason, it is good business sense for people looking to get into the rental property game to take note of this growing area. With the management services of Palmetto Property Man-Greenville, you can turn the idea of renting into a lucrative experience with ease. In Five Forks, SC, quality housing is in high demand. When your property management is handled by professionals like us, with over 25 years of combined experience, it can make your rental stand out.We have experience providing an exquisite rental experience to everyone involved. We offer your renters convenience and a manager who is always accessible for their needs, keeping them happy with their living arrangements longer. PALMETTO PROPERTY MAN-GREENVILLE, THE BETTER WAY Our clients in Five Forks can attest that we provide helpful, prompt, and reliable service. Although you may be perfectly capable of managing your rental properties on your own, we don’t know why you would want to. When you turn that duty over to us, you not only have more free time, but also the assurance that the job will be handled by experienced professionals.
  • Mauldin, SC"
    Mauldin is one of the best cities for home ownership in South Carolina. With community activities for all ages, job opportunities in many fields, and quality schools and universities, Mauldin is a city that brings small town living close to big city amenities. It’s easy to see why so many PPM Estate investors have chosen to buy on the market in Mauldin. This community boasts a great economy, nice weather all year round, and the small community safety people love to raise their kids in. If you’re a rental property owner in Mauldin, Palmetto Property Man-Greenville can manage your property for you. We’ll handle everything from the initial renting out, including advertising and tenant screening, to all of the day to day tasks. Let us be the landlord so you can relax and enjoy life. PPM Greenville’s expertly trained property managers are local to the area and specialize in property management. Trust your property to the leaders in the industry. We have hundreds of happy clients, why not you, too? Call us today to get started.
  • Spartanburg, SC"
    Spartanburg, SC is one of the largest cities in the Greenville area. Their motto is, “always doing”, and this is apparent with the vast array of activities offered by their parks and recreation departments. From youth sports to card games, outdoor festivals to fitness classes; there’s something for everyone to do no matter their preferred leisure activities. The neighborhoods in Spartanburg have beautiful, historic homes great for everyone. Most neighborhoods are within walking distance from the downtown district, or a short drive.NDowntown Spartanburg offers many restaurants and shopping, but if it’s bigger cities you like, Spartanburg is a mere hour drive from Asheville, NC and also close to Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. Spartanburg offers excellent rise estate investment opportunities, and we are the company to call when you are looking for property management Spartanburg SC. Spartanburg was named one of the top 20 cities in the south for music and meetings by Convention South Magazine with music stepped in strong, southern roots. With so much to offer, Spartanburg is a growing city, with more residents moving there each year. Rental property investors make a wise choice in purchasing rental homes in this southern city. If you’re a rental home owner looking for property management Spartanburg SC, don’t deal with the day to day hassles of being a landlord on your own, let Palmetto Property Man-Greenville manage your rental property for you. With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, PPM Greenville is your top choice for property management. Our expertly trained property managers are local to the area and know exactly how to rent out and manage rental properties in Spatanburg, SC and surrounding areas. What are you waiting for? Call us today to get started.
  • Fountain Inn, SC"
    Fountain Inn, SC has plenty to offer families and single residents. With five local parks, an indoor recreation center, and three separate walking trails, there’s plenty for everyone to do. Fountain Inn’s neighborhoods are suburban, and many are historical, with beautiful homes that date back centuries. Fountain Inn has annual festivals that involve the community, great schools, and a variety of universities and colleges in the area. Fountain Inn is within driving distance of big cities, allowing you the presence of mind of small town living but proximity to big city activities. The rise estate opportunities in Fountain Inn are a solid investment for rise estate investors. New families and businesses are moving into the area all the time. creating quite a rise estate boom. Managing your own rental property can prove to be stressful and overwhelming. Let the experts at Palmetto Property Man-Greenville do the work for you. Are you looking for property management Fountain Inn SC? We’ll manage your rental property for you, from the beginning stages of advertising and placing a tenant, to dealing with the tedious daily tasks like maintenance and tenant complaints. Here at PPM Greenville, we have over 25 years combined experience in property management and our local experts know the area. With us as the landlord, you can enjoy life with the peace of mind that your rental property is in good hands. Call us today to get started.


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